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Welcome to the Swiss Business Association, Singapore

The first Swiss companies that established themselves as trading houses in East Asia and Singapore some 130 years ago, were among the first "global players" in the world. Despite the recent economic and financial crisis, most of them are still here today and are convinced that the future belongs to Asia.

In the past, the growth of Asian markets provided Swiss companies with the most dynamic opportunities. Today, around 14% of our total exports are going to East Asia, making this region an important economic partner for us. After recovering from the current turmoil, which will enable to correct some deficient mechanisms, Asia will remain the continent with the largest economic growth potential in the 21st century. In the long run, this difficult period will be an opportunity for correction and consolidation and it will lay the foundation for more sustainable growth in the future. In three to five years, the all friends who stayed even in tough times will be recognized and benefit most. It is therefore vital for companies to maintain their presence in this region, and it is also a right time to expand and invest as many Swiss companies are already doing.